More revenue with less inventory

Discover the power of a datadriven and automated inventory management system. Automate your supply chain and prevent excess inventory levels and lost sales.

XXL Nutrition Optiply

Experience the power of effortless inventory management

More sales

Never miss another sale by ensuring you have the correct products in stock. Optimise your inventory management with accurate purchasing advice backed by data. This optimal stock management leads, on average, to 5-10% extra product availability.

Reduce inventory

Optimise your cash flow and reduce warehousing costs. Optiply analyses which stock is vital for your business and which stock could be reduced.


On average, our users spend 80% less time on traditional purchasing tasks because of automatic purchasing advice and communication regarding suppliers. This allows you to focus more on the exceptions that emerge in the automated purchasing advice.



Data-based purchasing

Do you still purchase based on experience and gut feeling? Based on 40+ forecasting models and AI, you know exactly what, how much, and where to purchase.


Purchasing on autopilot

Optiply prepares your shopping list for you. Simply click to order and your purchase order is arranged! So you can spend more time closing deals and contacting suppliers.



More revenue with less inventory

Your products that generate the highest sales volumes are given priority so stock meets the demand of your customer. No more unnecessary stock.


Always choose the best supplier

Determine your order times and add multiple suppliers. The AI purchasing algorithm tells you which supplier fits best. This gives you time for the key activities of procurement: building good relationships and closing competitive deals!


What you will achieve with Optiply


More sales


Less time spent on purchasing


Less stock

How does Optiply work?


Integrate Optiply with your current system and start purchasing better and faster today. By purchasing based on data instead of gut feeling, you optimise stock while speeding up the process.


1. Link your data

Integrate Optiply with your webshop, warehouse software or ERP.

2. Check your suppliers

Delivery times, shipping costs, minimum order value and more.

3. Choose your procurement strategy

The most effective balance between availability and stockouts.

4. Optiply calculates its ideal purchasing advice

The Optiply algorithm determines its purchasing advice based on over 40 analyses.


5. Order and be done!

Optiply provides appropriate purchasing advice at the right time. Simply validate and order.


Seamlessly integrate with Optiply

Easily integrate Optiply with your webshops, warehouses and / or stores. We have many integrations which are ready to use for your ERP, WMS, and eCommerce platform. On top of that, we have an API, which allows integration with your preferred system.

"Powerful insights of my inventory and a clear forecast"

Ruud Kleine (Mr. Dental Supplies)

"Much more efficient purchasing"

– Isabelle (Zonnebrillen.com)

"More sales with less inventory"

– Alex Kaptein (Bralex)


"Less out of stock"

– Dirk Schrama (Dutch Mud Men)


"No more worries about purchasing"

– Casper Ehrencron (Partywinkel)


"Always everything in stock"

– Willem Bontrump (Visdeal.nl)


"Excellent tool, Excellent service!"

– Thomas De Vriendt (Iedereen Loopt)

"I would now trust Optiply more than a new purchaser"

Martijn Ouwerkerk: "Thanks to Optiply I have saved 40% of my time on procurement. Time I can now spend on the growth of SoundImports. It is precisely that dynamic trigger that makes Optiply unique and has helped me a lot to change my purchasing process from reactive to proactive. "

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“Better product availability with less stock”

Niels Veltman: “We are already seeing the effects of Optiply, which gives us confidence and motivation to continue this upward trend. In addition, it is in line with our strategic choices, as we still believe the most important factor is our service levels. It is great that we now have an objective tool to measure and optimise this”

Why Optiply?


With Optiply, procurement based on gut feeling makes way for data-based purchasing. Artificial Intelligence allows for efficient purchasing on autopilot. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered in just one click from the best supplier.




Forecasting models

Plug and play integrations


Do you also want to purchase on autopilot?

With Optiply, procurement based on gut feeling makes way for data-based purchasing. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered in just one click from the best supplier.

We would love to demonstrate what Optiply can do for your business in one of our live demos.