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“With Optiply, our stock has decreased by 30%. This allows for new product additions and an efficient stock allocation.”

Roel Linders

Non-food Purchaser, XXL Nutrition


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From reactive to proactive purchasing, discover the scalable purchasing process of SoundImports, the webshop for do-it-yourself speakers and audio parts

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Less stockouts through automation and timely purchasing. Leijtens Import explains how it has expanded its product portfolio through the use of Optiply.

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Purchasing bags and suitcases during the pandemic? Read how Travelbags improved its product range and service levels through data-driven purchasing

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Running a webshop in the evening? See how Scenery Workshop gets a grip on their purchase process and assortment in supplies for building miniature worlds

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Grow as a business by using real-time data and user-friendly tools. Discover Ledlichtdiscounter’s automated purchasing process

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Discover how Bralex manages the inventory and purchasing of more than 300 webshops by using data-driven purchasing advice

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“Optiply helps us to avoid unnecessary stock and we experience much more peace of mind in our department. ”
Rody Hermkens



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