Case Study

How increased its service levels with Optiply

“Optiply is gold”

We spoke with Pim Berghuizen, the owner and founder of We met in his physical shop in Amersfoort. His parents had four sports shops until about ten years ago. “We watched the market change, and sales moved to the online world. From there, we decided to start” He also has his own brand, which he sells all over the world. Hockeyspullen has grown by more than 200 percent last year, and is also growing quickly this year. We asked him about his experiences with Optiply since our collaboration.

Webshop and physical store

The store is linked to its warehouse and is open several days a week. 98 percent of sales go through the webshop. Optiply combines the physical store and webshop and ensures the products are perfectly in stock for both sales channels.

From constant backorders to having everything in stock

“We worked with backorders and therefore ordered daily. Four months ago we decided to put everything in stock. Optiply gave us confidence, so we dared to stock thousands of products. It was a big investment, but it pays for itself. After this transformation, you can see Optiply is totally worth it. We have gone from a service level of 82% to 91%, and we would like to get to 95% or 96%. By fine-tuning the tool, we will certainly get there, but it cannot happen in the space of a few months.”

Optiply plays a significant role in our webshop

“First of all, it saves a lot of time, and time is money, of course. In the past, everything was done manually. All orders, but also the writing of order forms, etc. This is no longer necessary, and we have structured all processes, which brings peace and time to the organisation. Product availability is skyrocketing, and with it, turnover and customer satisfaction. Optiply plays a very important role in this process; you know that your stock position is always in order. Optiply is gold.”

Experience using Optiply

“We are delighted with the system, and it is simple and easy to use. Until half a year ago, we did all orders manually. ‘That colour is nice, order only 10 of those, or that one might sell well.’ Then, the orders were entered manually, one by one, in Lightspeed. With Optiply, I now have to take less risk when ordering a new collection for the first time, because Optiply picks up the runners very quickly and immediately gives purchasing advice. Now we order at the touch of a button, the products are reported inside, and everything is neatly in stock right away. The support is also top-notch, especially now the live chat box is included. You get a quick answer, and everything is arranged and explained. I am very satisfied.

"Powerful insights of my inventory and a clear forecast"

Ruud Kleine (Mr. Dental Supplies)

"Much more efficient purchasing"

– Isabelle (

"More sales with less inventory"

– Alex Kaptein (Bralex)


"Less out-of-stock"

– Dirk Schrama (Dutch Mud Men)


"No more worries about purchasing"

– Casper Ehrencron (Partywinkel)


"Always everything in stock"

– Willem Bontrump (


"Excellent tool, Excellent service!"

– Thomas De Vriendt (Iedereen Loopt)

"I would now trust Optiply more than a new purchaser"

Martijn Ouwerkerk: "Thanks to Optiply I have saved 40% of my time on procurement. Time I can now spend on the growth of SoundImports. It is precisely that dynamic trigger that makes Optiply unique, and has helped me a lot to change my purchasing process from reactive to proactive. "

SoundImports logo

"Better product availability with less stock"

Niels Veltman: "We are already seeing the effects of Optiply, which gives confidence and motivation to continue this upward trend. In addition, it is in line with our strategic choices, as we still believe the most important factor is our service levels. It is great that we now have an objective tool to measure and optimise this."


Speed up your process like others did

With Optiply, purchasing based on gut feeling makes way for purchasing based on data. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered in just one click from the best supplier.

We would love to demonstrate what Optiply can do for your business in one of our live demos.