“Optiply gives me more time to help
our company move forward”

Rick Bode, Warehouse Manager at Ledlichtdiscounter
By purchasing without the right tools, the necessary insight into current stock levels was lacking. For Ledlichtdiscounter, this quickly resulted in no sales and back orders, which was an absolute no-go because customers could not be served optimally. With an eye toward the future, Ledlichtdiscounter tackled these challenges by opting for a user-friendly solution in which algorithms and data play a major role. Read the story of Ledlichtdiscounter below.

Data-driven forecasting

Better insight into expected sales and stock correction

The right integration

Start immediately with Picqer thanks to a fast integration and the right data in the right place

Real-time insight

Better control over stock by combining accurate and historical data

Ledlichtdiscounter, the LED lighting giant of the Netherlands

What started as a joke, according to Michael Castricum, owner of Ledlichtdiscounter, has grown into the most affordable online LED store for both commercial businesses and private customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company has also set up two web shops to serve the German and Danish markets. At Ledlichtdiscounter.nl, you will find a wide range of LED lighting where she helps customers further in the field of sustainability. For Castricum, it is not only about e-commerce, but also serving the market as a major supplier for construction projects.With real plans on the agenda, Ledlichtdiscounter wants to grow even more.

ledlichtdiscounter showroom

Gain insight to serve customers well

“When I started working at Ledlichtdiscounter, I saw that the former purchasing process went through WhatsApp groups,” says Rick Bode, warehouse manager at Ledlichtdiscounter. There were, of course, challenges to that process. “For example, a buyer bought a box, but did not know how many pieces were in it. We only knew this when the box actually arrived.”

In addition, there was also no qualified person responsible for purchasing. “Insight into what comes in, what has been sold, but also what comes back are important ingredients to set up a good purchasing flow.” A disorganized order flow eventually also led to many no sales and back orders. Of course, this had to change in order to be able to serve customers optimally.

Business growth requires user-friendly and innovative systems

It was already quite clear that Ledlichtdiscounter needed to look for purchasing software that fit well with a WMS system. “The first step was to look at a WMS, which is how we arrived at Picqer. When it turned out that Optiply had an existing link with Picqer, this became a practical choice for us.” Technical requirements were an important condition, but there was also a need for more live information about stock in combination with historical data. “Optiply’s algorithm clearly indicates what you need to buy.” Purchasing is largely automated for Ledlichtdiscounter, which saves them a lot of time. “We just wanted to work on critical products.”

medewerker inkoop ledlichtdiscounter optiply tool
If Ledlichtdiscounter had not started working with an algorithm, it would have had to hire more staff to work with static datasheets. “This takes up a lot of time, which is not necessarily wrong, but it does result in a much worse operating result. Using an algorithm allows you to grow less quickly because you cannot invest.” With the growth that Ledlichtdiscounter has in mind, it is important to work with user-friendly systems where you are not dependent on others. “We have therefore opted for Optiply with an eye to the future.”

Fast Picqer integration with the right data in the right place

The integration with Picqer and Optiply went live in no time. With good communication, fast integration, and real-time information, Rick experienced the implementation process as a positive thing. “The main thing the integration solves for us is that all information is real-time, which is the most important thing.” This is very useful for correcting stock.

“The main thing that the integration solves for us is that all information is real-time.
That is the most important.”

Rick Bode

Warehouse manager, Ledlichtdiscounter

Transparency and user-friendliness is everything on several levels

Time is an important driver for Rick to keep costs as low as possible. With Optiply, the current purchasing process has changed significantly. “Now it’s much faster than before. If I come in at 9:30 in the morning, I’ll finish shopping at 10.” This has also made stock more accurate.

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Time is an important driver for Rick to keep costs as low as possible. With Optiply, the current purchasing process has changed significantly. “Now it’s much faster than before. If I come in at 9:30 in the morning, I’ll finish shopping at 10.” This has also made stock more accurate.

In addition to offering more insight, colleague Roy Kapel indicates that Optiply transfers information quickly. “Rick has been on holiday a few times, but I have noticed that I can do everything with purchasing without having much knowledge about it.” To make it even easier for Roy, he can estimate how a product will run. This allows him to better manage his suppliers and determine what he should purchase. Moreover, there is also more transparency and communication between different departments, but also towards the customer. “Everyone can watch when I place a purchase order. In this way, my other colleagues from purchasing and customer service know when a product is not in stock, but that it will be returned on a certain date.”

In this way, Ledlichtdiscounter ensures that they are a few steps ahead of customers with the right information. This means that they achieve a higher service level in the B2C area and can handle larger orders for the business.

“The user-friendliness and clarity of Optiply ensures that things can be quickly taken over by someone else.”

Roy Kapel

Purchaser, Ledlichtdiscounter

Getting a grip on delivery times during corona

Since using Optiply, Ledlichtdiscounter has realized a 20 percent decrease in stock. “We no longer buy products that did not run well, and our focus is on products that do well.” During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is extremely important for Ledlichtdiscounter to make a good estimate of critical products. “We also communicate a lot with our suppliers now that we have the time, thanks to the use of Optiply. This will increase our service level.” Ledlichtdiscounter also ensures that the number of no sales remains low. “The moment we run out of stock, we can check with the customer whether they want an alternative product or if they would rather wait until it is back in stock.”

“More time to grow”

Where the former purchasing process took place via WhatsApp groups, current purchasing within Ledlichtdiscounter has changed considerably. “Optiply gives me more time to help Ledlichtdiscounter grow. Everything is fast and insightful, which gives me more time to focus on other things.” This makes purchasing more efficient for Rick, so that he can focus on other aspects of his job, such as on managing suppliers and other matters for better business results.

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Ledlichtdiscounter achieved with Optiply:


Less stock


Less no sales


Start buying automatically

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