More revenue with less inventory

Determine your order times and add multiple suppliers. The AI purchasing algorithm tells you which supplier fits best.

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Experience the power of our algorithm

More sales

Never miss another sale by ensuring you have the correct products in stock. Optimise your inventory management with accurate purchasing advice backed by data. This optimal stock management leads on average to 5-10% extra product availability.

Reduce inventory

Optimise your cash flow and reduce warehousing costs. Optiply analyses which stock is vital for your business and which stock could be reduced.


On average, our users spend 80% less time on traditional purchasing tasks because of automatic purchasing advice and communication regarding suppliers. This gives you more focus on the exceptions that emerge in the automated purchasing advice.


Data-driven forecasting

Data-based purchasing

Purchasing management

Purchasing on autopilot


Stock optimization

More revenue with less inventory

Supplier management

Always the optimal supplier


What you will achieve with Optiply


More sales


Less time spent on purchasing


Less stock


Do you also want to purchase on the autopilot?

With Optiply, procurement based on gut feeling makes way for data-based purchasing. Always at the right time, with the perfect quantity, ordered within one click from the best supplier.

We would love to demonstrate what Optiply can do for your business in one of our live demo’s.