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The advantages of WMS in inventory management

Feb 24, 2022

When you work with stock, it’s important to have an overview and insight into your stock levels, especially when you…

When you work with stock, it’s important to have an overview and insight into your stock levels, especially when you sell through multiple sales platforms. Automate your overviews and manual stock adjustments by using a Warehouse Management System. In this article, you’ll find the advantages of a WMS for your webshop.

What is a WMS

A Warehouse Management System is a software system that handles all the different information needed in a warehouse. To get started with this, it’s necessary to first properly set up and link the various data. Much of this data can be retrieved automatically. By using warehouse software, you know exactly where which product is located and how many orders still need to be processed. This way everyone can work in the warehouse with ease and overview.

Create overview

Do you know exactly which stock is where, and how much you have? There is often one person in the warehouse who knows everything by heart. But what if this person is away for a day or if your range expands considerably? It becomes difficult to keep an overview. How easy would it be if everything could be found digitally? This saves you time and prevents mistakes, and you can use that time and energy for other important activities, such as managing stock locations and optimising purchases.

When the number of products and/or turnover rate increases, so does the chance of errors. These errors have consequences for administration such as extra costs and even no sales. To minimise this, you want to keep track of this by means of a WMS. This prevents errors and ensures a calm and well-arranged warehouse.

In addition, the data is always and everywhere available. The purchaser at the office only needs to log in and have all the data right at their fingertips. This data can also be automatically forwarded to a tool such as Optiply. This allows purchase orders to be generated based on combined information. This way you buy more to avoid understock, but also not so much that you end up with overstock. This provides an additional optimisation step in the warehouse processes.

The benefits of working with warehouse software

If you get started with WMS, you only have to set it up once, and then you can take advantage of the benefits every day. It works really well, especially when you combine this with data-driven purchasing. Below are a number of advantages:

Go for clear insights

When there is an overview in the warehouse, it is very easy to gain insight into the stock. By linking products to a stock location, an order can be picked very easily without picking the wrong products. In this way you prevent stock differences and your stock always remains up-to-date.

Everything in one place

By integrating with various parties, you ensure that you collect a lot of different information in one place. You’ll have all the sales orders from different platforms in one place, and shipping labels from different shipping providers can be easily generated. The product range also comes together under the same SKUs. You can integrate the products that you sell on different sales platforms in a WMS. This means you use the same stock everywhere, which is automatically updated if there’s a change. So get rid of manual actions where you run based on facts. This also prevents the risk of mishandling in the warehouse and keeps frustration from building among the pick employees. In addition, there will be fewer no sales because you can no longer sell stock that you do not have.

​​Correct order processing

Processing your orders the right way is crucial for optimal stock control. By organizing the order picking process as easily as possible, you minimize the chance of stock differences. In addition, the correct processing of orders is important for a good forecast of your stock. By facilitating the picking process by working with stock locations, you can also automate the packing process. For example, the software can issue a notification based on set rules, such as certain products must be packed extra well or that an extra product may be added to the order. In addition, the shipping method can also be determined so that the shipping label rolls directly from the printer.

When do you choose warehouse software

Do you work with several people in the warehouse or do you do everything alone? In every organization, there is a moment when Excel overviews can no longer be kept up to date. It is never too late to start with warehouse software, but try to avoid that moment.

Do you sell through multiple sales platforms? Then it’s wise to get started with warehouse software immediately so your precious time does not have to be spent on manually adjusting the stock, but can be used, for example, to optimise the product range.

Automate smart purchasing

By linking your WMS to Optiply’s inventory optimisation software, you gain more insight into your stock through data-oriented purchasing and you can automate even more. Prevent stockouts by working with magazijn software van GoedGepickt’s warehouse software and generating your purchase orders through the integration with Optiply.

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With GoedGepickt’s warehouse software, we help online merchants process orders flawlessly in less time and without frustration because mistakes are never made again, regardless of the platform on which the products are sold. #Wellorganised

This blog was written by Marleen, sales and support employee at GoedGepickt webshop warehouse software.

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